Photographer: Tamar Shoval Kidron

Y Us

YChina’s Founder and General Manager – Yael Einav – is a highly sought-after Sinologist in the field of Chinese business development in Israel. She has been active in China since 1988, with many years of high level executive experience. Yael has led many successful deals between Israeli and Chinese companies. She holds an M.A in East Asia/China studies and International Relations from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and an MBA from the University of Derby England.

Ms. Einav has successfully gathered a seasoned and professional team in Israel and in China that assists and supports companies interested in substantiating their business in China.

With more than 35 years of combined work-experience in China, and extensive experience in tailor-made Business Development services, YChina has an excellent track-record, with numerous successful deals between Israeli and Chinese companies.

In addition, YChina is also the Authorized Senior advisory Consultant to governmental agencies and the official examiner for the China and India Fund at the Ministry of Economy.

YChina is well connected to Chinese companies, government agencies and the media in China.