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YChina Ltd. is a Business Development company specializing in the Chinese market. YChina assists and supports companies in substantiating their business in China. Our goal is to provide our clients with practical, focused and cost effective business results in China.

As one of the leading firms in the field, the company offers a One Stop Solution to accessing China, suitable for clients looking to develop their business in China, attract Chinese investment or find partners in China. We provide our clients with in depth analysis, and based upon this, develop a solid China business plan. We then make it as our business to implement this plan successfully.

Photographer: Tamar Shoval Kidron

The company is also involved in bringing Business from China to Israel, including investments and acquisition opportunities. (see IChina group)

Our services also include extensive professional training on doing business in China and preparing the company executives for all aspects of business and work in China.

YChina’s clientele come from diverse industries including Medical, Telecom, RenewableEnergy, IT, Insurance, Software, Aviation, Automobile, Tourism, Agriculture and more.

What Services

  • Business development
  • Locating distributers/partners
  • Finding potential investors in China
  • Finding potential clients in China
  • Formation of various business entities in China

  • Obtaining governmental support both in China and in Israel
  • Establishing partnerships with Chinese companies
  • Assisting in negotiations and deal closing
  • Coaching and training Israeli executives

  • Identifying global sales channels or partnerships for Chinese companies interested in the Israeli market
  • Identifying acquisition opportunities for Chinese companies in Israel and facilitating the process. (Check our IChina Group)


IChina team represents Chinese companies and investors doing business in Israel. We offer Chinese companies and organizations full support in their search for Israeli technology, investments and acquisitions in Israel. We provide a full range of services to Chinese companies expanding into Western markets assisting them in achieving their business goals.
Our seasoned and dedicated team has a pragmatic approach and a drive for action. With decades of combined work experience in China and in Israel, the actions become achievements.

Lectures & Training

YChina conducted hundreds of hours of training session and workshops for executives. YChina sees great importance in Coaching and Training of Executives on the Chinese Business Culture and on the methods for dealing successfully with the uniqueness and complexity of doing business in China.

Yael Einav together with her specialized team conducts courses and workshops for senior executives involved in all fields of business in China. Ms. Einav is well-known in the Israeli business scene as one of the country’s leading experts on Chinese Business Culture.

News & Publications

For the past 27 years, Ms. Einav regularly publishes articles in various magazines on the subject. She is a regular writer in “The Marker”, Israel’s leading financial newspaper, covering different aspects of the Chinese Business scene. Her opinion is often sought and presented in the various media channels.

SHUK SINI: Understanding the Culture, Succeeding in Business

Yael Einav is the author of a widely-read book, “SHUK SINI: Understanding the Culture, Succeeding in Business” (Ramot Publishing). The book was the first-ever book published in Israel on the topic, and has received enthusiastic acclaim from businessmen and companies, many of whom use it as basis for the in-house training of executives dealing with the Chinese market.